Testing was performed on the Men-Wood in 1991 against stains and guards like Behr, Olympic, Aquatrol, C.W.F., Cemguard, Woodguard, Resinlock, Cetol, and Lifeline.

All products were tested with one coat of product on a two foot length of cedar, exposed solar south, at 45˚ F for two years.

Most of the coatings were dry to the touch within three to eight hours but didn’t penetrate deeply into the porous substrate and were therefore far more susceptible to deterioration from erosion, abrasion, and other light physical damage as well as overexposure to temperature extremes.

Men-Wood, on the other hand, was found to penetrate deeply into the porous substrate. After a drying time of 24 hours, Men-Wood provides thorough protection.

During testing, it wasn’t easily abraded off, providing extra protection from degradation to UV exposure. In just three to eight months all nine of the competitors began to break down, with at least 30% of the water protection gone.

One of the products was entirely gone after only 12 months. By the end of the first year all nine products sho
After two years, the remaining eight products averaged only 25% protection.wed degradation to the substrate with an average of only 40% of the protection remaining. The wood began to cup and split on the ends, while showing some discoloration and even some peeling.

After one (1) year, Men-Wood displayed a resillient 97% protection, with a minimum exposure to the wood of less than 5%!

Even after two (2) years, Men-Wood still displayed 88% water protection and less than 11% exposure to the wood.

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