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What is the Best Material for a Log Cabin Siding

a two stories log cabin homeHave you ever heard of a siding for your log cabin? It is a very popular design makeover project that will give homes a rustic feel.

Wood siding is popularly used for log cabins because of its capability of increasing the energy efficiency of the structure. This is because the wood siding acts as an insulator that covers the exterior walls. Aside from that, it also requires low maintenance and does not take too much time for installation.

Today’s market has provided log cabin homeowners with several options when it comes to log siding. Whilst the main function of all the options is to increase energy efficiency, you should note that with each type of material comes an almost unique feature that makes it stand out.

Albeit the wide array of options now made available in the market – synthetic and wood log siding – the latter still remains undefeated in terms of popularity among homeowners. Some of the most popular wood sidings chosen for a log cabin include pine and cedar. In fact, you can view here the differences between these two famous log cabin wood siding.

photo by: Wonderlane

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