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Treating and Protecting a Log Home

Some homeowners shy away from log home living or set aside their dreams of moving into this type of property due to the myth that these home are difficult to maintain due to the materials being used.

This however is not entirely true as there are numerous methods and products that can keep a log home in excellent shape and capable of withstanding various elements.

  • Thoroughly dry the wood to be used prior to construction to eliminate moisture and eliminate organisms.
  • Dip logs in a borate-based solution or infuse them with a borate preservative through pressure treating to protect it from organisms.
  • Treat with a cleaning solution to remove mill glaze, road grime, mud and dirt accumulated during construction.
  • Apply wood preservatives to repel water which promotes mold and mildew and attracts fungi and insects.
  • Sunblock and pigmented preservatives to mitigate the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • Add chemicals called biocides to preservatives.
  • Spread on a final finish coat to reflect ultraviolet rays and add another layer of water repellency.
Visit for more on how to treat and protect logs.

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