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Pest-Proofing your Log Home

Different insects and pests manage to find their way into your log home. They can cause further damage to the entire structure but this can be prevented by blocking their entry points. Though it’s not easy to keep them from getting in, there are several things that you can do to reduce the number of pests and insects that can get inside your log home.

Rodents and other pests and insects love shaded and moist environments. Though the plants and shrubs add to the beauty of your property, they are enticing to many pests. You don’t have to cut them down or get rid of them. Move or trim them and make sure they are far from the foundation or log walls.

Your log home should also be equipped with gutter. One of the common problems that log home owners have is the deterioration of lower log courses because of the splash up from rain coming from the roof. Make sure to maintain and clean your gutters regularly.

For more tips on how to avoid pests and rodents from entering your log home, click here.

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