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New TV Series Features Building of Log Homes for Millionaires

a millionaire log homeWhen you think of someone’s dream home, what comes to your mind? Huge mansions are probably the first images that comes to your mind. The last thing that you would think about would be log homes.

But there’s a show that focuses on some very expensive log homes. According to an article from, a new series called Timber Kings features the Pioneer Log Homes team as they “construct, disassemble, ship and rebuild log homes” under all kinds of pressures, specifications and demands for elite clients.

“When people think about building a log home, they haven’t just thought about it for a day or a week — they’ve dreamt about it their whole life,” Pioneer general manager André Chevigny says in the opening episode. “That dream could be a small cabin on a lake somewhere or it could be a 50,000-square-foot house.”

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