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Must-learn Things About Log Home Renovation

When dealing with log home renovation projects, remember that companies will vary from one to the other. Additionally, each log cabin will face different obstacles and there will be various factors to consider. Therefore, it’s important to have a thorough analysis of the cottage to have better chances of a successful renovation project.

· Caulking is considerably the most crucial variable in restoring a log cabin. This will be dependent on the size of the house and will usually be accomplished within one to three days if everything is done properly.

Before starting the process, all original caulk of the cottage should be taken out thoroughly. Additionally, if there are any visible cracks or holes, caulking it immediately is the best action. Failure to do so will only aggravate the issues the house will face in the future.

· Pressure washing is used in many log cabin restoration tasks. A chlorine wash, being the most common, will ensure that all traces of mildew will be removed and spores will be eradicated.

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