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Log Cabins Recently Added to List of Historic Places

Two log cabins were recently included in the list of historic places in the National Register.

The single room log cabin located in upper City Park was built by the Old Settlers’ Association in 1889. Originally, it was constructed to become an exhibit for Johnson County’s Semi-centennial. Albeit it successfully stood in two Johnson County Fairgrounds sites, it was moved in 1918 to City Park.

The double room log cabin, on the other hand, is also called the ‘dogtrot log house’. It was built from hewn oak logs given by the Old Settlers’ Association members in 1913. Its construction was because of the people’s wish to replicate John Gilbert Trading Post, a historic building.

Since it was built, City Park’s log cabins were used for different programs and activities – school field trip destination, Girl Scout camping, and a museum. However, 25 years have passed and the cabins haven’t been used and maintained. Hence, a fundraising event was organized by the Parks and Recreation Foundation to restore both log cabins.

To find out more on this historic place, click here to open the page.

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