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Log Cabin to be Turned into a Museum

log cabin museum

Two of the city’s first settler’s, Dr. William Howey and wife Florence, built a log home in 1880 close to the shores of Ramsey Lake. Then in 1960, Juanita Stolte and her husband purchased the same cabin property. Today, the Howey cabin still stands and is in good shape. Stolte and her husband want to make sure that this cabin becomes a preserved city’s heritage.

Stolte said, “One of these days, if something happens to one of us, we don’t want it to be destroyed like so many other things were.”

With the hopes of preserving their log home, Stolte is now working with local artist Gordon Drysdale. He is planning to turn the building into a museum dedicated to Sudbury’s early medical history.

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photo by: oldandsolo

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