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Log Cabin in Watertown Attracts Attention for Its Historicity

From the grand homes found on Washington and Clyman streets to the brick buildings on both east and west sides of Rock River, historic structures are indeed prolific in the city of Massachusetts. In this city, you can also see Lutheran and Catholic churches; and Octagon House and the country’s first kindergarten school, sitting atop Charles Street.

A small log cabin that’s a block away from Silver Creek is just recently getting the attention. It was in the 1880s that log homes and wood sidings are used as additions to different homes in many neighborhoods. It was only this year when Jim Roberts started dismantling his property that people started noticing a log cabin that was built at least 150 years ago.

Jim Roberts bought the house in 1979. He then decided to donate the house to Watertown Historical Society. The city’s officials are still discussing the options for the log house, including money and location.

You can read the history behind this log cabin by visiting this link.

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