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Log Cabin in Danville Not the Home of Willis Russell

the log cabin in Danville was never the home of Willis Russell.According to a recent research conducted by local historians Mary Girard and Carolyn Crabtree, the log cabin in Danville was never the home of Willis Russell. The Boyle Landmark Trust will give a lecture on Monday to share with the public what they have recently discovered.

The president of Boyle Landmark Trust Barbara Hulette said, “We now know that he didn’t live there, but his story is still downtown. He was a teacher and it was his job to teach, but now we found out it’s not in the log cabin on Walnut Street.”

Historians said the log cabin had issues with the foundation which is why immediate repair is very much needed. Logs are deteriorating and the non-profit organization is already in the process of renovating the log cabin.

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