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Increasing Energy Efficiency in Your Log Home

Because log homes are a more rustic form of abode and usually considered more “one with nature”, people automatically think that this is a more energy efficient home. However, that is not necessarily the case.

When compared to a traditional home, a log home’s insulation isn’t exactly at par and is more likely to have air leaks. Other than that, logs are also more susceptible to moisture as it absorbs water more quickly.
However, that does not mean log home living is not ideal. There are things you can do to improve energy efficiency.
  • Season your logs at least six months before construction.
  • Opt for Cedar, Spruce, or Pine as these are less prone to air leakages.
  • Consider usingĀ plastic gaskets and caulking compounds to seal gaps.
  • Use only waterproofed and insecticide-treated logs, and reapply these treatments every few years.
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