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Important Tips to Consider When Designing your Log Home

If you want to invest in a log home, it is important to take some tips into consideration to help you save time and money in the long run.

Roof overhangs are important. They help protect your log home. Overhangs need to be at least 24″ width because the less water running down your home, the lesser problems you encounter. The next thing to consider is to install a termite shield and also treat the soil to prevent these pesky insects from settling in. This should be done when constructing the foundation of your log home and must be a priority when building a log home.

Another thing to consider is to install vapor barriers and vent the foundation to help eliminate moisture. This will also help save you a lot of money and effort in the future.

To get a list of the 10 important precautions when designing your log home, click here.

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