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How to Successfully Paint the Exterior of Your Log Cabin

Painting the exterior walls of a log house is definitely a challenging task. However, it can be done if you know the most basic and proper ways to do it. The following are steps on how to paint the exterior walls of a log house successfully and easily:

– Before pushing through with the painting job, make sure that the surface of the log cabin is clean. Search for any damage that needs fixing, a hole or crack that needs caulking, shingles to tighten, or nails to hammer in.

– Removing all the previous paint is not necessarily important. What matters more is that the surface to be painted is smooth. Remove any loosened paint flakes with sandpaper or a paint scraper.

– Do not take for granted the importance of using a primer. It creates a neutral base that makes the paint last longer. Be sure to choose the most suitable primer for the type of paint you use for the log cabin.

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