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How to Make Your Log Cabin Greener

old log cabinFrom the outside, a log home can look as natural as it can get. However, several modern technology devices designed to add efficiency and keep a building in order can sometimes destroy the cabin’s overall look.

Since we want the log home to look as natural as possible, focusing on making the interiors environment friendly is the best viable option.

A log cabin is mostly made of logs, although there are some materials added to improve the stability of the structure. If the logs are too exposed inside, dust mites will be a big problem. To alleviate this, install HVAC system that is HEPA filtered.

Log homes are prone to termites and other woodborers because of its wooden characteristics. If you are trying to use salvaged wood for a makeover, just make sure to check it for termites and other wood pests.

Visit this forum to find out more about making log cabins environment friendly.

photo by: anoldent

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