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Historic Mason County Log Cabin in Plans for Relocation

Passersby and motorists may find it difficult to notice a historic log cabin as they drive along Ky. 324. This common scenario is expected to change as plans are well underway for approval to relocate the log home to someplace more visible to people.

It’s said that the log cabin once housed May’s Lick’s most prominent citizens including Col. Charles Young. He’s known to be the 3rd African American who graduated from West Point. He then later became a member of the United States Army wherein his noteworthy deeds helped him be promoted to brigadier general, subsequently.

According to Mason County’s Judge-Executive, James L. Gallenstein, the owner of the property, named Karen Hopkins, agreed to donate the historic log cabin to the county. With only one request in return, that Mason County take good care of the property after its relocation, Hopkins wasn’t dillydallying with her decision.

Up to now, talks have been ongoing with different officials to find out where to place the log cabin and how it will be done to serve historic purposes. The entire news story on this historic cottage can be read here.

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