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Giving Your Home the Log Cabin Feel

interior design and home decorationThere was a time when log cabin living was frowned upon as these structures were thought to be incapable of having the right design and luxuries that come along with modern day living. However, nowadays that homeowners have turned back again to nature in hopes of living a much greener and sustainable lifestyle, log homes have become a hit once more.

And since more and more people are settling into log homes, a lot have also ventured into decorating their homes to make the space their own through interior decoration. However, there are also those who don’t live in log homes but would want to feel like they are in one. According to Decorating your home as a log house: budged-friendly tips, log home interior is characterized as “casual, cosy, rustic and incorporating an earthly colour (rich brown, coal black, golden yellow) scheme.”
To get the log home feel in your own abode, here are some tips:
  • Choose to decorate with colors brick red, spruce green, rich brown, coal black, golden yellow, creamy beige, and other earthy hues.
  • Make over your floors with wood laminate, a less expensive alternative to actual wooden planks.
  • Use furniture made out of natural materials like leather, bamboo, stone, iron, and wood.
  • Spruce up the home with rustic, outdoor-themed accessories.
photo by: Wickerfurniture

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