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Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees from Your Home

Carpenter beesCarpenter bees can be pesky unwelcome guests for people who have wooden parts in their homes and even more so for those who live in wooden houses and log cabins. They drill holes into your home to make nests, leave behind trails of sawdust and even excrement, and just wreck havoc on your beautiful wooden property.

However, it is possible to get them to move out, here’s how:
  • Cover their nests using steel wool, wood putty, caulk or any other sealants that can’t be burrowed.
  • Spray petrol into their nests and nearby areas but do take caution as this is a flammable substance.
  • Vacuum the bees out of the holes using the smallest attachment you can find. Seal them after.
  • Use one of the many insecticides available on the market to take care of the infestation.
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photo by: Helena Jacoba

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