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Effective Log Home Cleaning Methods

sweeping floorAlthough cleaning a log home requires tasks that are usually similar to that of a conventional home, there are some aspects that need a little extra effort and technique. Since the wall surfaces, both interior and exterior, are the logs themselves, cleaning them can be a bit more tricky since they may be uneven and have more crevices and they require a bit more attention to detail and elbow grease.

Here are some proven methods that can effectively clean your log home:
  • SANDING – An orbit sander with a dust collector is required. It cleans off dirt and sands the wood making it shinier while at the same time collecting sawdust.
  • COMMERCIAL CLEANERS – There are many available on the market but it’s important to read instructions first as they contain harsh chemicals. Protect yourself accordingly when using these products.
  • HOMEMADE CLEANERS – This is a safer and environmentally friendly method. Wipe a solution comprised of 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid, 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide and 3 quarts of warm water using a rag.
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photo by: Laurel Fan

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