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Couple in Awe as Log Cabin Was Exposed Underneath Home’s Walls

A married couple, Francois Vincent and Nadja-Maria Daveluy, who tried peeling off their farmhouse’s siding was taken aback by what they saw. What their farmhouse, located at Standbridge East, revealed after they tried to remove a few feet of covering in the hopes of finding out the costs needed for renovation left them in shock.

It was reported that it took five years before the couple found their ‘perfect’ property which fulfilled their dreams of maintaining a farm. Much to their surprise after removing the house’s covering, stacks of wood logs could be seen one on top of the other. The said wooden logs were at least 18 inches wide. While this was a shocking incident, the couple didn’t feel any chagrin from what they found.

The log cabin, according to historian John Rhicard, was about 200 years old. Furthermore, the couple thought of the uncanny incident as an unbelievable gift that will become the project of their lives.

You can read the full version of this story here.

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