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A 57-Year-Old Log Cabin Inn In Howards Grove

Many people owe their love story to a certain place or event. For the Schonemans, it’s to a Log Cabin Inn found in Howards Grove. Ruth and George crossed paths in 1958, when they both worked for his parents, got married, and took over the ┬ábusiness.

Now, George and Ruth will have to let go of the Log Cabin Inn as it finally sold after almost sixty years in the Schoneman family. The new owners, who also run Millhome Supper Club in Kiel, will take over on March 5th. The menu and staff will remain the same.

The original structure, which was built in 1947 and remodeled in 1974, has seen a lot of changes over the decades since it was first operated by Erwin Bender. Now, under new management, the Log Cabin Inn will be undergo changes again.

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