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Wood Boring Insects That Can Cause Damage

Changing temperatures, construction methods, type of materials, and various environmental elements aren’t the only factors that may affect the longevity of your log home. Insects can feed or burrow holes on your logs and damage the integrity of your home. These infestations can be avoided and treated, but first a homeowner must be familiar with the types of log and wood boring insects that may cause minor to serious damages.

  • Longhorned beetles – Only infest fresh wood and¬†damage is limited to large bore tunnels and circular to slightly oval.
  • Flat-headed wood borers – Potential for damage is limited as they do not re-infest. Holes are flattened oval.
  • Powderpost beetles – ¬†Commonly re-infest seasoned wood and therefore have potential to do long term damage.
  • Carpenter bees – Bore into wood to construct a nest chamber. Holes and nest chambers may allow water and rot fungi.
  • Termites and Carpenter ants – May also cause damage.

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