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Perfect Mix of Modern and Rustic in Designer’s Log Home

Modern Log Home with beautiful lawn

A log home doesn’t always have to be rustic as it is expected to be. A home of this kind can perfectly combine both simple and modern interiors, such as the home of designer, painter, and real estate investor Allan Skriloff.

“The problem with most log homes, from my perspective as a designer, is that the decor tends to be so expected–you know, the taxidermy trophies on the wall, the rocking chairs,” says Skriloff. “It’s boring. Too much of anything is never good.”

His 2,000-square-foot log home in Mount Tremper infuses this technique flawlessly, resulting in a beautifully designed modernistic abode. The lines and texture brought about by the red pine logs also make the three-bedroom home a perfect backdrop for Skriloff’s craftsmanship.

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